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Benefits and Categories


Membership in the WSRCA will keep you on the cutting edge of the western roofing industry by giving you access to the most up-to-date roofing and waterproofing information SPECIFICALLY for the western region. With this knowledge, you will become more professional in the roofing industry and your clients will see you as an expert in the roofing field.  Click here to download more information on WSRCA membership!

As a Member of WSRCA, You Will Receive:

  • Members-only access to the “Member’s Clubhouse”: $545/year
  • Online member profile: $900/year
  • Legal advice from a construction lawyer (800 number): $1,500/year
  • Technical advice from a roofing consulting firm: $1,500/year
  • Technical and legal bulletins, code change alerts: $200/year
  • Roofing details manual on CD: $150
  • Safety toolbox topics manual (60 different OSHA approved topics): $65
  • Searchable access for consumers on
  • DISCOUNTED Library of roofing information, documents and articles
  • DISCOUNT on WSRCA convention registration: $80
  • Legislative representation on current industry issues
  • Spanish-in-a-Pinch translation cards: $20
  • The Voice of the West, the official E-newsletter of the WSRCA: $30
  • Western Roofing Magazine subscription, the official publication of the WSRCA: $30
  • WSRCA leather day planner: $40
  • Membership plaque and membership certificate: $20
  • Use of the WSRCA logo for letterhead and proposals: $150
  • Access to the WSRCA board of directors, committees and staff: $100


Member Categories

WSRCA divides their members into categories and membership dues are determined by the category:

Contractor Members:

Contractors seeking regular membership certify that the firm is actively engaged in the roofing contracting business and performing roofing, waterproofing, siding and/or insulation work. The proposed Contractor Member agrees to abide by the by-laws of the association as they are now in force, or may hereafter be amended, and to cooperate with fellow members in furthering the purpose and goals of the association and in improving the roofing industry generally. Active regular members shall constitute the voting body of the association. Each regular member shall have one vote.

Dues: $545.00 Branch Member Dues: $50.00

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Associate Members:

WSRCA represents roofing, waterproofing, siding/insulation and roof deck manufacturers from around the world to network with the contracting industry. Make WSRCA your company’s most important resource for success and business growth. Any firm or individual engaged in the following services used by the Contractor Membership of the association shall be eligible for Associate Membership.

  • Category A. ($1035) Major manufacturer of roofing, waterproofing or roof insulation
  • Category B. ($705) Roofing equipment, accessories or specialty manufacturer
  • Category C. ($545) Area Distributor, Supplier or Sales Representative
  • Category D. ($545) Roofing Consultant
  • Category E. ($545) Industrial, Educational and Service Providers
    • School boards, colleges and universities; state, county and city government agencies; corporate maintenance or construction departments
    • A company that provides roofing-related products or services, such as software products, web site opportunities, etc.
  • Category F. ($215) Architects and Engineers
  • Category G. ($985) Insurance Company or Agent

All category Branch Office dues are $95.00 per branch.

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