Former Presidents

1974-1975 Wayne Mullis
Bryant-Universal Roofing

1976-1977 Robert “Kink” Clawson (Deceased)
Innovative Roofing Systems

1978-1979 Joedy Becker (Deceased)
Modern Roofing & Insulation

1980-1981 Lawrence Musil, Jr.
Interbay Roof Inspection Consultants

1982-1983 Joseph Castro
Castro Roofing & Waterproofing

1984-1985 Arnie Schmautz
Buckaroo-Thermoseal, Inc.

1986-1987 Andrew Radonich
Old Town Roofing

1988-1989 Linda Scott-Harder (Deceased)
Scott Roofing Company, Inc.

1990-1991 Robert Porter
Front Range Roofing Systems

1992-1993 Donald Bosnick
Bosnick Roofing, Inc.

1994-1995 Walter N. Crow, Jr.
Crow Roofing & Sheet Metal

1996-1997 C. Kent Stanley
Stanley Roofing Co., Inc.

1998-1999 Steve Duchene
Bigham-Taylor Roofing

2000-2001 Lee Tolley
T & T Roofing

2002-2003 Kyle King
Snyder Roofing & Sheet Metal

2004-2005 Dan Cornwell
CC&L Roofing Company

2006-2007 Charlie Frost
Charles Frost Roofing

2008-2010 Chuck Chapman
Central Roofing Company

2011-2012 Travis Nelson
Brown Roofing Company

2013-2014 Dennis Ryan
Waterproofing Associates

2015-2016 Michael Tory
Tory’s Roofing & Waterproofing

1975-1976 John Zamrzla
Western Pacific Roofing Corporation

1977-1978 Walter Crow, Sr. (Deceased)
Crow Roofing & Sheet Metal

1979-1980 Wayne Vose (Deceased)
Johnson-Vose Inc.

1981-1982 Garry Tolley
Tolley-Hughes, Inc.

1983-1984 Gaylord Blue (Deceased)
Blue’s Roofing Company

1985-1986 Frank Lawson, Jr.
The Lawson Roofing Company

1987-1988 Melvin Wagner
M.G. Wagner Company

1989-1990 Lorne Memmott (Deceased)
Modern Method Roofing Co.

1991-1992 Dean VanDyne
VanDyne & Sons Roofing

1993-1994 Donald Summers (Deceased)
Specialty Roofing

1995-1996 Patrick Large
Quality Tile Roofing

1997-1998 Robert McKennon (Deceased)
Bligh Pacific

1999-2000 K.C. Barnhardt
Quality Roofing & Sheet Metal

2001-2002 Connie H. Douglas
Lowe Roofing, Inc.

2003-2004 Ron Haight (Deceased)
Haight Roofing Company

2005-2006 Carole Lowrance
Reinhardt Roofing Company

2007-2008 Sharon Keppler
Evergreen Roofing

2010-2011 Christian Madsen
Madsen Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.

2012-2013 Bill Baley
C.I. Services, Inc.

2014-2015 Pete Schmautz
Star Roofing, Inc.

2016-2017 Brad Baker
Professional Roofing



Information Bulletin 2015-L-1

Need for industry protocol for testing fastener withdrawal resistance


WSRCA Diverter Flashing Details

For use by contractors and roof designers for upcoming roofing and re-roofing projects


Technical Bulletin 2013-1W

Evaluation of concrete decks in preparation for waterproofing membrane application


ASTM Standards Impact 2015-1

Important notice regarding ASTM roofing and waterproofing standards


WSRCA Safety T-Shirts

These high-visibility shirts come in both long sleeve or short sleeve and can be customized


Ventilation Calculations

How to determine total square feet of net free ventilation for steep-slope roofing


Is Your Settlement Enforceable?

By WSRCA Legal Advisor Ken Grossbart: Abdulaziz, Grossbart & Rudman