Former Presidents

1974-1975 Wayne Mullis
Bryant-Universal Roofing

1976-1977 Robert “Kink” Clawson (Deceased)
Innovative Roofing Systems

1978-1979 Joedy Becker (Deceased)
Modern Roofing & Insulation

1980-1981 Lawrence Musil, Jr.
Interbay Roof Inspection Consultants

1982-1983 Joseph Castro
Castro Roofing & Waterproofing

1984-1985 Arnie Schmautz
Buckaroo-Thermoseal, Inc.

1986-1987 Andrew Radonich
Old Town Roofing

1988-1989 Linda Scott-Harder
Scott Roofing Company, Inc.

1990-1991 Robert Porter
Front Range Roofing Systems

1992-1993 Donald Bosnick
Bosnick Roofing, Inc.

1994-1995 Walter N. Crow, Jr.
Crow Roofing & Sheet Metal

1996-1997 C. Kent Stanley
Stanley Roofing Co., Inc.

1998-1999 Steve Duchene
Bigham-Taylor Roofing

2000-2001 Lee Tolley
T & T Roofing

2002-2003 Kyle King
Snyder Roofing & Sheet Metal

2004-2005 Dan Cornwell
CC&L Roofing Company

2006-2007 Charlie Frost
Charles Frost Roofing

2008-2010 Chuck Chapman
Central Roofing Company

2011-2012 Travis Nelson
Brown Roofing Company

2013-2014 Dennis Ryan
Waterproofing Associates

1975-1976 John Zamrzla
Western Pacific Roofing Corporation

1977-1978 Walter Crow, Sr. (Deceased)
Crow Roofing & Sheet Metal

1979-1980 Wayne Vose (Deceased)
Johnson-Vose Inc.

1981-1982 Garry Tolley
Tolley-Hughes, Inc.

1983-1984 Gaylord Blue (Deceased)
Blue’s Roofing Company

1985-1986 Frank Lawson, Jr.
The Lawson Roofing Company

1987-1988 Melvin Wagner
M.G. Wagner Company

1989-1990 Lorne Memmott (Deceased)
Modern Method Roofing Co.

1991-1992 Dean VanDyne
VanDyne & Sons Roofing

1993-1994 Donald Summers
Specialty Roofing

1995-1996 Patrick Large
Quality Tile Roofing

1997-1998 Robert McKennon (Deceased)
Bligh Pacific

1999-2000 K.C. Barnhardt
Quality Roofing & Sheet Metal

2001-2002 Connie H. Douglas
Lowe Roofing, Inc.

2003-2004 Ron Haight (Deceased)
Haight Roofing Company

2005-2006 Carole Lowrance
Reinhardt Roofing Company

2007-2008 Sharon Keppler
Evergreen Roofing

2010-2011 Christian Madsen
Madsen Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.

2012-2013 Bill Baley
C.I. Services, Inc.



Information Bulletin 2015-5

Consider undetected, latent-hail damage of thermoplastic single-ply roof membranes


Technical Bulletin 2013-3

Important Roofing-related changes to wind design speed criteria found in ASCE 7-10


Technical Bulletin 2013-1w

Evaluating concrete decks in preparation for waterproofing membrane application


Technical Bulletin 2014-2

Updated Results of LTTR Testing, and R-Value of current generation roofing insulation


WSRCA Field Card 005

Basic vehicle safety operations to be performed per recommendations


Ventilation Calculations

How to determine total square feet of net free ventilation for steep-slope roofing


Arbitration and Licensure

By WSRCA Legal Advisor Kenneth S. Grossbart: Abdulaziz, Grossbart & Rudman