The Davis Memorial Foundation‘s mission is to support education, particularly as it relates to the development of a well-educated construction industry. Founded in 1997 in memory of Larry and Mary Davis, the Davis Memorial Foundation awards scholarships and grants, and sponsors technical seminars at colleges and universities.

Larry and Mary Davis personified the heart and spirit of the roofing industry community. Committed to supporting the professional standing of roofing contractors, Larry promoted high standards and believed that a well-educated membership was key to the industry’s future success. Founder of State Roofing Company in Modesto, California, Larry served as a director on the WSRCA board of directors and was active on several committees, often flying to meetings with his wife Mary in their private airplane. They perished in a plane crash in 1995 when they were returning from a Western States Roofing Contractors Association board meeting.

Administered under the auspices of WSRCA, the Davis Memorial Foundation awards scholarships to develop qualified professionals, and to award those who have the desire to improve their quality of life through education.

All candidates must be:
1. High School students, undergraduate or graduate students
2. Technical or vocational trade school students
3. Provisionally accepted as students into undergraduate or graduate degree programs for the coming academic year by accredited colleges, universities or vocational education programs. No set limit in the amount of scholarship(s) will be awarded. In 2018, the Davis Memorial Foundation will be awarding scholarships at $5,000 each.


Lauren Barker – Eagle, ID
Oregon State University

Jared Daniel Grady – Phoenix, AZ
University of Arizona

Avery Janelle McFarlin – Abilene, TX
Abilene Christian University

Spencer Clay – Portland, OR
Oregon State University

Molly Nelson – The Dalles, OR
The Dalles High School

Turner Gill – Atlanta, GA
Holy Innocents Episcopal School

Suezanne Hall – Spartanburg, NC
Gettys D. Broome High School

Ashlyn Diana Clark – Provo, UT
Brigham Young University

Christopher Kuhn – Uniontown, OH
Lake High School

Paola Flores Gomes – Oakland, CA
Oakland Charter High School

To apply for a scholarship or to learn more about events associated with the Davis Memorial Foundation, please click on the links below.



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