WSRCA Membership – It’s A Good Business Decision!

Who Should Join?

Transcend all your industry business relationships from adversary to collaborative through breaking bread at WSRCA events and activities, like the Western Roofing Expo and local communities.

• Roofing Contractors
Benefit from building meaningful relationships with industry stakeholders from all disciplines. In a safeguarded hands-on environment, learn leadership techniques to improve your on-the-job effectiveness. Get an edge over your competition and distinguish yourself as an industry leader and trend setter.

• Architects & Engineers
Benefit from an enhanced collaborative effort on successful projects that become possible through your membership and participation. You’ll better understand the people and their business philosophies that are your partners in serving owners and general contractors. Through superior relationships with contractors and industry suppliers, your industry partners will have a greater propensity to watch out for your best interests in challenging situations where you are absent.

• Manufacturers & Associates
Benefit from relaxed interaction with your customers and their colleagues. Better understand the needs and thought processes of contractors, architects and engineers. Through participation, become a true industry partner.

What’s In It For You?

WSRCA’s programs and member benefits are designed to help its members and their businesses, to enjoy growth and profitability. This is achieved effectively through association with peers, colleagues and competitors. To its members, WSRCA is a good business decision.

• Members Only Access To Information
Our technical content, written by our technical advisory staff, lawyers, political insiders and others, is provided exclusively to members. WSRCA members are kept informed on industry trends ahead of non-member competitors.

• Free Technical & Legal Advice
WSRCA membership provides complimentary technical advice and legal counsel from some of the most qualified professionals in their fields. No matter your issue or situation, they can point you in the right direction.

• Voice of the West E-Newsletter & Bulletins
The roofing industry is constantly going through changes. Rather than spending countless hours collecting information yourself, rely on WSRCA to gather this critical information.

• Online Technical, Legal & Business Forums
Our members-only forums are a great place for technical roofing discussions with fellow contractor members. Monitored by our technical committees and our technical advisory staff, members can post in a variety of forums and be guaranteed a well-informed, professional response.

• Opportunity Through Networking
By joining WSRCA, you are not only on the cutting edge of roofing technology, you are a part of a top-notch group of roofing professionals committed to the growth of their businesses and the industry. Advance your career by learning from the best!

What’s In It For Your Industry?

• WSRCA is working hard with industry partners to help assure the future supply of skilled craftsman and labor, who are crucial to your company’s success, will be available when you need them.

• WSRCA has joined together with other trade associations to address the need for education. By partnering with groups like the Tile Roofing Institute and the American Society for Testing and Materials, WSRCA supports training and installation standards within the roofing industry.

• WSRCA continues its pioneering research to tackle tough industry issues from a grass roots level. By working closely with our technical advisory staff, WSRCA helps contractors understand their best product options in the western marketplace, and how to stay in compliance with ever-changing building codes.

• WSRCA and it’s educational landscape continue to evolve. Over fifteen cutting edge seminars are showcased every year at the Western Roofing Expo. These seminars help educate roofing contractors and installers, offering the latest in roofing and waterproofing installation methods and best practices.

• WSRCA has its fingers on the pulse of the roofing and waterproofing industry. Whether you’re a roofing contractor, distributor, manufacturer, architect, or roof consultant – WSRCA members receive the latest information.

• WSRCA can help you in a pinch. If you’re stuck on a job and need professional technical or legal assistance, WSRCA has you covered.

• WSRCA roofing and waterproofing contractors are known in the industry as the best in the business. Separate your company from the competition by becoming a member.

You also will receive a money-back guarantee, so how can you afford not to join? For more information about the valuable benefits of WSRCA membership call 1-800-725-0333 or join online using WSRCA’s secure server, CLICK on the Benefits and Categories or Become a Member.

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