WSRCA Committees

Section 1 – Education

Western States Roofing Contractors Association offers various educational tools and opportunities for the roofing industry through its foundation, the Davis Memorial Foundation.

Section 2 – Industry Issues

  • Industry Liaison: This committee is the liaison between WSRCA and other industry associations. Their communication efforts facilitate work on joint projects.
  • Standards: This committee studies western region building codes and alerts members about proposed state and federal laws that affect codes and licensing requirements.

Section 3 – Low Slope

This committee coordinates and develops research and technical programs for current and continuing problems and trends in the low slope roofing market.

Section 4 – Membership Services

  • Membership Development: This committee is charged with developing the membership of WSRCA. It sets recruitment goals, develops membership promotions, and recommends new benefits.
  • Marketing & Technology: This committee develops promotional efforts and identifies opportunities that further the goals and growth of the association. It also researches and recommends technology tools that enhance communication within the WSRCA office and keeping the communication tools up to date for both the office and the membership.

Section 5 – Steep Slope

This committee coordinates and develops research and technical programs for current and continuing problems and trends in the steep slope roofing market.

Section 6 – Waterproofing

This committee coordinates and develops research and technical programs for current and continuing problems and trends in the waterproofing roofing market.

Section 7 – Safety & Health

This committee studies the safety concerns of the roofing industry and alerts members about industry-related safety improvements and requirements.

Section 8 – President’s Committees

  • Affiliate Relations: This committee is the liaison between WSRCA and affiliate organizations. Committee members attend affiliate organizations’ conventions, meetings, and special events, and invites affiliate organizations to participate in WSRCA events. This committee meets with the affiliate groups once a year at the convention to exchange ideas.
  • Associate Advisory Council: Interacts with the board of directors as a long range planning committee, submitting ideas and goals for review and evaluation. This council consists of two members of each category of associate membership (A, B, C, D) and specific members of the executive committee.
  • Awards: The function of this committee is to choose recipients for the organization’s various awards: Hall of Fame, Special Awards, Outstanding Service Awards, Citizen Awards, Profiles of Service and Board Member of the Year
  • Budget & Finance: The responsibility of this committee is the control and general supervision of the association’s finances and to develop and recommend a sound fiscal position and budget.
  • Convention: This committee is responsible for the development and coordination of the educational sessions, professional speakers, meal events and social activities of the convention. They are also charged with long range planning for future convention sites and programs.
  • Executive Committee: The responsibility of this committee is to serve as an interim governing body between meetings of the association’s governing body and to operate with authority vested by the governing body.
  • Former President’s Council: The function of this council is to interact with the Board of Directors as a long range planning committee, submitting ideas and goals for review and evaluation.
  • Nominating: The responsibility of this committee is to review and make recommendations to the membership, in accordance with the Bylaws, for officer and director candidates to serve the association.
  • Strategic Planning: The function of this committee is to develop the 5 year Strategic Plan and proceed with the implementation. This committee would also be charged with reviewing the plan each year.


Section 1 – Education – Davis Memorial Foundation

Chuck Chapman, Trustee Chairman
Greg Bloom, Trustee
Bill Baley, Trustee
Travis Nelson, Trustee
Heidi Ellsworth, Trustee
Thomas L. Papas, Trustee/Administrator
Staff Liaison – Joel Viera, Sofia Pulido, Chris Alberts, Alec Ward


Section 2 – Industry Issues

Steve Reardon, Chairman
Chris Sprick, Vice-Chairman
Bruce Radenbaugh, Executive Liaison

Mike Wakerling
Tim Black
Chuck Chapman
George Madsen
Steve Nash
Mike Tory
Don Fry
Staff Liaison – Jim Carlson, Joel Viera


Section 3 – Low Slope

Mike Wakerling, Chairman
Rob Winkle, Vice-Chairman
Tom Asbury, Executive Liaison

Chuck Chapman
Andy Clarke
Darin Douglas
George Madsen
Everett Martin
Bruce Radenbaugh
Stan Robinson
Staff Liaison – Jim Carlson, Alec Ward


Section 4 – Membership Services

Rod Menzel, Chairman
Tracey Prociw, Vice-Chairman
Mike Tory, Executive Liaison

Don Fry
Steve Nash
Chris Sprick
Rob Winkle
Staff Liaison – Chris Alberts, Alec Ward


Section 5 – Steep Slope

Stan Robinson, Chairman
Chris Sprick, Vice-Chairman
Don Fry, Executive Liaison

Tim Black
Everett Martin
Steve Nash
Mike Tory
Staff Liaison – Jim Carlson, Chris Alberts


Section 6 – Waterproofing

Andy Clarke, Chairman
Steve Reardon, Vice-Chairman
Leo Ibarra, Executive Liaison

Tom Asbury
Tim Black
Everett Martin
Staff Liaison – Jim Carlson, Sofia Pulido


Section 7 – Safety & Health

Tracey Prociw, Chairman
Leo Ibarra, Vice-Chairman
Darin Douglas, Executive Liaison

Tom Asbury
Rod Menzel
Stan Robinson
Staff Liaison – Sofia Pulido

Section 8 – President’s Committees

Awards Committee
Brad Baker, Chairman
Don Fry
Thomas L. Papas

Associate Advisory
Greg Bloom, Allied Building Products, Chairman
Marc Dodson, Western Roofing Magazine, Co-Chairman
ABC Supply Company, John Crowle
APOC, Bob Hyer
Beacon Roofing Supply, Jeff Willis
Carlisle-SynTec Systems, Jason Mortelliti
Cleasby Manufacturing Co., John Cleasby
DERBIGUM Americas, Inc., Elizabeth Walters
Duro-Last Roofing, Tim Hart
Eagle Roofing Products, Hans Matheus
Firestone Building Products, Martin Pribble
GAF, Keith Sanders
HJE Marketing/Roofers Coffee Shop, Heidi Ellsworth
Johns Manville, Bill Morris
Malarkey Roofing Products, Katherine McConnell
Owens Corning-Trumbull, Geoff Thomas
Polyglass USA, Inc., Melissa Mulligan
Roofing Contractor Magazine, Jill Bloom
Staff Liaison – Joel Viera, Chris Alberts, Sofia Pulido, Alec Ward

Finance Committee
Don Fry, Chairman
Brad Baker
Thomas L. Papas
Mike Tory
Investment Sub-Committee
Steve Reardon

Convention Committee
Brad Baker, Chairman
Executive Committee

Executive Committee
Brad Baker, President
Don Fry, Senior VP/Treasurer
Mike Tory, Immediate Former President
Thomas L. Papas, Secretary
Leo Ibarra, Vice President
Darin Douglas, Vice President
Tom Asbury, Vice President
Bruce Radenbaugh, Vice President

Former President’s Advisory
All Former WSRCA Presidents
Staff Liaison: Thomas L. Papas

Nominating Committee
Brad Baker, Chairman
Thomas L. Papas
Don Fry
Mike Tory
One appointed Former President
Nominating Advisory
As appointed by the President

Strategic Planning Committee




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Technical Bulletin 2013-1W

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Closing the Gender Wage Gap

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